Palmerio Pal srl - About Us

Specialized supply as: Accessories for diamond wire, Tools for diamond wire, Hydraulic press and hand press to press joints,  Shears to cutdiamond wire, Hydrobags, Splitting wedge ....

Born in the cradle of Carrara marble, Palmerio srl has been operating for over 30 years in the extraction of the stone with the provision of specialized tools and accessories dedicated to the production of accessories for diamond wire, distributed and used worldwide.

A young company, created by young people, who sets its own identity with production trends of absolute respect.
During the early years specializes itself in the distribution and sale of tools and accessories for diamond wires, then combines the sale with the production activity by giving birth to Pal srl, an artisan company that still produces diamond wire’s accessories for Palmerio used worldwide by the industry.

Why choose us:
  • Custom made products production;
  • Passion and competence combined with your professionalism;
  • Assistance and constant support;
  • Efficient, punctual and impeccable service.

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Our Strengths

Palmerio is a very successful company all over the world, these are the things that our customers have appreciated:

All you need

We have everything you need to mount the diamond wire always available in stock.

Zero concerns

We will take care of your order from the preparation in the warehouse until the final delivery.

Value for money

Excellent quality / price ratio, not only of the materials but also of the service rendered.

Consulting in the Order phase

We will help you find the most suitable products for your needs (eg type of material to be cut, owned machine, climatic conditions of work ...).

Customized production

We can customize our tools and accessories beyond standard sizes to adapt them to your needs.

30 years experience

We are in the extraction sector since 1983, we operate all over the world thanks to a dynamic and professional team.

Most popular products

Thirty years of experience, combined with the efficiency of a dynamic and qualified team, with a strong sense of belonging, enabled our company a constant and progressive success in international market, with the orientation of the offer to more specific targets.

Iron Retractor Hydrobags
Qt. per Pack: 1
Shears for wire rope
Qt. per Pack: 1
Wire Ropes
Qt. per Pack: 1