The Palmerio Srl operates in the accessories and tooling for extraction of marble, granite and stone.

The company was founded in 1983 in the famous Apuan stone sector, and soon it expands its assets across the global markets.


A young company, created by young people, who sets its own identity with production trends of absolute respect.


During the early years specializes itself in the distribution and sale of tools and accessories for diamond wires, then combines the sale with the production activity by giving birth to Pal srl, an artisan company that still produces diamond wire’s accessories for Palmerio used worldwide by the industry.

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Company Addresses


via Catagnina 4, 54100 Massa (MS) ITALY


Registred administrative headquarters (not to be used):
piazza Nazioni Unite 15 c/o Studio Fabrizi Marabese ,
54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) ITALY
VAT:  IT01042580454


Phone +39 0585 831336
Fax + 39 0585 834216



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